DPW 111

Facts and Figures

I am grateful to Harry Edwards of the Morris Register for the following information.

DPW 111 is a Norfolk issue of just about the time of the outbreak of WW2 in September 1939.

The model is known as a Morris Commercial "CVS. 11/40". These figures indicate a "CV" model, "Six cylinders, "11" foot wheelbase (in round figures) and "40" cwt (2 ton) rating. These models were given the name "Equiload".

The engine "OR37703" is a six-cylinder side valve with a bore of 82mms and a stroke of 110mms. Rating by the old RAC rating as 25-01 hp 3485 cc. Maximum break horsepower 70. Four bearing crankshaft. 2.375 gallon sump. Coil ignition. 4 speed gear box. Solex carburetter type 35TVDL. Autovac fuel pump.

2014 saw us at the opening of The Dome at Langham, Gressenhall Museum of Rural Life and Felbrigg Hall.

Mavis underwent some major items of maintenance during 2014. Her new den was completed; her ignition system was renovated which included new coil, points, condenser, distributer head and sparking plugs; a new radiator core; replacement windscreen pillar.

It has been an expensive year. We may be small when compared with institutions like the National Trust but are no less part of our National Heritage and we like to keep her going as a working concern.

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