Heart Attack Prevention - The Takeheart Health Check - Franchising.

Takeheart Health Check       [Heart Attack Prevention Franchise]

Operate Takeheart Yourself, it isn't difficult

Takeheart can be operated by health professionals anywhere. All that is required is some suitable equipment (a PC, a Reflotron and a Smokerlyser) and an operator with experience in the medical environment and with basic interpersonal skills.

Health centres make good settings. The benefits include its use on an opportunistic basis: high risk cases are put into a suitable surveillance protocol: every participant is given a comprehensive accurate written assessment of their risk: other languages pose little problem.

There are other appropriate settings. Sports clubs, private clinics (some of these are found at railway stations and in supermarkets these days), industrial health departments, health & fitness clubs. Anywhere where the necessary equipment, privacy and personal skills can be mustered.

The Takeheart team is willing to talk to you about these possibilities or travel anywhere (almost) for a trial run. See "Takeheart comes to you".

All this costs money of course. The exact details depend upon the arrangements arrived at in any particular situation. But talking is free!

Please get in touch.

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