Coronary Heart Disease Prevention - Blood Pressure

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Heart Attack Prevention - Blood Pressure
The Coronary Prevention Group recommends that the blood pressure of all adults should be tested at least every five years.(79)

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The increase in the survival of the 1970's cohort in the Framingham study (43% reduction in coronary heart disease deaths) may have been primarily the result of improvement in the risk factors (i.e. better health education concerning the risks associated with high blood pressure, raised blood cholesterol, and smoking) in the 1950's cohort.(94)

About 10% of the population have a raised blood pressure. A lowering of the blood pressure results in a reduction of strokes and heart failure.(349)

As the blood pressure rises above normal there is an increasing risk of developing a number of serious diseases in later life, especially coronary disease, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease.

It estimated that a quarter of all deaths from coronary heart disease in those under 70 are preventabble by the application of existing knowledge.(35)

Early intervention in high blood pressure reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. (66, 277) This is also true with the elderly. (330, 351)

The rule of halves applies to blood pressure. 10% of adults have a raised blood pressure. Half of these are undetected. Half of those that are known are not being treated. Half of those under treatment are poorly controlled.(349)

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