Heart Attack Prevention - Cholesterol

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Heart Attack Prevention - Cholesterol
People with high cholesterol values tend to have clogged up arteries which lead to heart attacks. Looking after your cholesterol helps to prevent this and can even unclog clogged arteries.

A normal cholesterol is taken as below 5·2 mmols per litre. It is wise to aim for a level somewhat below this. If the level is consistently high it can usually be reduced by dietery measures and by desisting from smoking.

High levels resistant to diet may require medication under the supervision of a physician.

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Some families have a tradition of very high cholesterol levels. They should be under medical supervision.

In the United Kingdom cholesterol is usually expressed as so many mmols per litre. In other places it is sometimes expressed as mgs per decilitre. 5·2 mmols per litre is the same as 200 mgs per decilitre (multiply or divide by 39 to convert one to another).

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