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501 Bates C.
Study shows that smoking costs 13 times more than it saves
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Patients' memory for medical information.
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Full paper

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(Full paper)

518 Drummond S
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: how does the evidence stand in 2002?
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The Polypill will not change prevention of heart disease.
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530 Report by James Meikle in The Guardian 4/11/2005 page 4, quoting Zheng-Ming Chen from the Clinical Trials Service Institute at Oxford University and Marcus Flatcher at the Royal Brompton Hospital London.

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542 The United Kingdom Parliament
Tackling Obesity in England
Select Committee on Public Accounts Ninth Report. (Read it)

543 Winterton R
Speech by Rosie Winterton MP, Minister of State 25/2/2004
Speech to Tackling Obesity in Young People Conference

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545 Brindle et al
Accuracy and Impact of Risk Assessment in the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: a Systematic Review
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Saving Clinicians' Time by Delegating Routine Aspects of Therapy to a Computer: a Randomised Controlled Trial in Phobia/Panic Disorder.
Psychol Med 2004; 34: 9-18

547 Editorial
Salt and Cardiovascular Disease. Legislation to cut levels of salt in processed food is necessary and justified.
BMJ 2007; 334: 859

548 Khan J, Thuriby D, Shahid H et al.
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550 Lean M, Gruer L, Alberti G, Sattar N
ABC 0f obesity. Obesity - can we turn the tide?
BMJ 2006; 333(7581): 1261-1264

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