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STROKE [August 2002]


There was a time that there was very little to offer people suffering the after-effects of stroke. The assault that compromises the blood supply to the brain can produce damage that affects movement, coordination, vision, speech, and cognition. But novel treatment regimens and rehabilitation techniques can lessen the disabling after-effects of stroke, even when the window of hope was thought closed.

This Stroke Quarterly Newsletter will help keep you informed of the latest developments and trends in treatment and rehabilitation of people after stroke.


Stroke Rehabilitation: Muscle Tightness
In the aftermath of a stroke, many people experience an uncontrollable tightness in the arms or legs that can cause pain and restrict movement. These symptoms are often accepted by patients as a new fact of life, but in truth they are part of a treatable condition called "spasticity". Listen to experts as they discuss novel rehabilitation techniques following a stroke.
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Stroke Side Effects: Talking to Your Doctor
After a stroke or other brain injury, certain muscles may start to contract involuntarily, often causing pain or restricting movement. But there are new techniques that can help temper tight muscles. Listen in as experts discuss why it's important for people experiencing muscle spasticity to communicate muscle problems with their doctor.
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Stroke Recovery: Treating Communication Disorders
For many people who have suffered a stroke, one of the most devastating after-effects is difficulty communicating. This can mean trouble with speech, but also with reading, writing, and even understanding. Fortunately for many patients, doctors have developed therapies that can help recover these communication skills. Join our panel of specialists as they discuss these techniques.
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Treating Post-Stroke Spasticity
Cindy Ivanhoe, MD

Caring for a Loved One after a Debilitating Stroke
William Bulman, MD

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